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1. I'm obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer's dressing room walls. I WILL be painting my bathroom walls with a brightly colored design. Nothing too elaborate, but bathrooms can be so boring and I love the pop of color. 

2. Yes, I put my Summer Reading List print on my own love list because it's truly my favorite! What's ironic is that I almost didn't even add it to the collection. It was a last-minute morning of decision. I couldn't decide if I liked it and if it would do well. The second I printed it and framed it though, I was sold. 

3. I can't stop looking at the hot pink rug in Katie Kime's office. I'll forever be on the hunt for something rugs are unfortunately very hard to find! 

4. I've always been a fan of everything Henri Matisse, but these floral still lifes have especially caught my eye. 

5. My current flower crush = Juliet Roses (Photo source). I've been pinning them away every since my friend told me about them. Once I have a solid idea of their structure and shape, I'm going to paint them! 


May 22, 2014 by Evelyn Henson
Tags: bright list