Given that one of my most frequently asked questions is "what kind of frame should I get?"  this post is long overdue. While I unfortunately can't go frame-shopping with you, I thought it was time to atleast start sharing my tips on finding the perfect frame.


Frame Guide  #behindthepalette
If you've got your hands on a pretty piece of art, it's important to buy a frame that does it justice. As a general rule, only buy frames you love. You're wasting your money if you frame your art in something unflattering and cheap looking, and you'll only wind up replacing it anyways.

That being said, before you go frame shopping, read my basic guide below so you have a better idea of how to "frame shop" effectively.

Frame Guide  #behindthepalette

If you're not sure where to begin, it can be a little intimidating. So, let's go over a few accessible + affordable frame shops shall we?

#behindthepalette frame guide
Sources: Michaels, Ikea, Framed and Matted

  • For a variety of frames on a budget: Craft Stores like Michaels & Hobby Lobby (Tip: never purchase without finding a coupon first!) 


Generally, you'll be faced with the following dilemma: metal, wood, or plastic?

#behindthepalette frame guide
Sources: Plastic, Metal, Wood

METAL: Metal frames have a more modern feel.

WOOD: Wooden frames are usually a safe choice. Especially when painted white, they have a home-y feel to them and typically work in any space.

PLASTIC: Typically, plastic frames work better with poster-type images.

SELECTING A COLOR: Make it match

You can find frames in almost any color if you look long enough (Tip: Etsy is a great source for uniquely colored framed). Personally, white and gold are generally my go-to colors. My advice for picking a color  is to just make sure the frame matches the aesthetic of both the artwork and room.

#behindthepalette frame guide
1. Jerry's Artarama | 2. Target | 3. Michaels | 4. Michaels | 5. Michaels| 6. Ikea


This is ultimately personal preference. I think mats look better and fancier in general, but slender mat-less frames work well with poster-like prints and canvases. For example, those Chanel prints look perfect in those white frames.

#behindthepalette frame guide
Via Style at Home and Designlovefest


Hope this helps! 

Happy frame-hunting!

February 17, 2014 by Evelyn Henson