I'm kicking off 2014 with new prints! Go ahead, SHOP NEW ARRIVALS! 

In addition to spring + limited edition valentines printsnew map prints have been added that include: austin, birmingham, charleston, charlotte, houston, louisville, madrid, philadelphia, st. louis, a world map, and, best of all, a custom map print. 

If you saw this video or this instagram, you know I've been working to create this for awhile. I'm still offering the original illustrations to those who want them----the print is simply designed to those who want custom maps at a more affordable cost. 

Creating the custom map print took forever (every episode of Homeland, House of Cards, & Scandal to be exact), and hand illustrating so many different cities was a bit overwhelming, so I really hope my list includes your all favorite travel destinations! 

With the custom map print, you can choose from a set list of predesigned cities, colors, and fonts to create your own map. 

Obviously, I can't draw every single city and town on the Earth, so I also drew up general illustrations that can represent multiple places. For example, in the "travels" sample print, I used the green mountain illustration for Guizhou and the palm trees for Porto. 

You can also design the colors + the title. In the sample map, there's a blue/green color scheme with the title "Travels" in the font Ribbon. 

Learn more about the custom map print here. 


January 08, 2014 by Evelyn Henson (noreply@blogger.com)